About me.

I am a Jeweller and graphic artist based in Calgary, Alberta and an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an artist member of both the Leighton Centre and Alberta Crafts Council.

I grew up and was educated in the UK, obtaining a degree in graphic design from Kingston upon Thames College of Art (London, England), having first completed a 2 year Foundation Course at the Colchester School of Art.

I worked as an illustrator/designer and visualiser in England in publishing, editorial, design and packaging for several household names such as Marks and Spencer, ICI, British Rail, Clarks Shoes, Good Housekeeping, BBC Publications and Letraset among others.   Along the way, I illustrated several books on cookery, wine and gardening.  

I started exploring jewellery after moving with my family to Calgary.  You'll find my work at several galleries in Alberta.  I regularly exhibit at Art Shows in Calgary, particularly Calyx and HandMade Here.

Contact me on: info@anneormerod.com




Artist’s statement


My training as a designer influences every aspect of my work. In my jewellery I seek to produce raw, dramatic, organic shapes. My work often has a narrative element and much of it is influenced by my love of nature.  Love itself is also a constant theme as is humour.  I work with sterling silver and various semi precious stones, pearls and found objects.  All the silver elements are hand made and forged.  I like to maintain a primitive, homemade feeling to my pieces; to see my “fingerprints” on my work.  My aim is always to make people smile when they see my work; for it to make them happy. 

In my painting I am interested in depicting my response to a scene rather than merely the scene itself, or as Wordsworth put it;  “emotion recollected in tranquillity”.  I am drawn to strong shapes, colours and patterns in the world around me.   I want to create a feeling of immediacy and a sense of passion and involvement. My painting process is spontaneous and intuitive and I often work without a destination in mind.   I merge my interest in pattern and strong design elements to create images that satisfy and have weight.  I use colour and intensity to create dynamics   A painting is complete when I get a sense of balance and the eye can travel around the canvas and be drawn into it without the traditional vanishing point to create depth.